People with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities are most successful when they have access to good housing, great jobs, and frequent activities to develop healthy community roots. At H.A.S. Inc. we work to bring the folks we serve into a normal rental or ownership setting in the community and facilitate a self-directed network of connections and valuable relationships.

What Services Do We Provide?

Residential Habilitation

  • Housing opportunities
  • Staff present 24 hours, daily
  • Paraprofessionals trained on specific needs of individuals served
  • Multiple support levels
    • Intense supports
      • 1:1 staff to individual served ratio
    • High Supports
      • 1:2 or 3 staff to individual(s) served ratio

Behavioral Habilitation Supported Living

  • Allows for high level of independence
  • Staffing for hours that reflect the needs of the person served
  • Approved for several hours of staffing per day or per week
Additional Services
  • Payee Services for residential participants
  • Guardianship consultations
  • Social Security & Medicaid Coordination
  • Assistance with court and legal systems for persons served
  • Regularly scheduled activities
  • Nursing Services

Additional Services at our affiliate agencies:

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