Where will I live?

We specialize in assisting those we serve locate accessible, affordable, and enjoyable quality housing. Most importantly, we work to help them find a home. Below are a few options we use to be creative in our search. In addition to these listed options we can always take the route of renting or leasing a home as well. 

Housing Choice Voucher (HCV Section 8)

The Housing Choice Voucher program (more commonly known as Section 8) is administered by Public Housing Authorities to help people with limited income pay for rental housing. Section 8 vouchers are awarded to individuals who meet income, credit, and criminal record qualifications. There is no minimum income requirement.  

Section 8 vouchers are “rental assistance,” meaning the tenant pays a portion of the rent (usually around 30% of their income) and the Housing Authority pays the rest directly to the landlord. Vouchers are used to live in a conventional rental unit (apartment, townhouse, etc.), of the tenant’s choice, managed by a private landlord.  The tenant’s portion of the rent increases as their income goes up, but they do not have to move if their income increases to the point they no longer need rental assistance. 

Section 8 recipients must find a landlord that will accept a Section 8 voucher and the rent must fall within what HUD (US Department of Housing and Urban Development) has identified as fair market rent. The benefit to the landlord is that rental assistance from the Housing Authority is guaranteed as long as the unit is occupied. 

Funds in this program are generally exceeded by demand. Because it offers personal choice, the Section 8 waiting list is much longer than the Public Housing waiting list. People are generally required to wait years for this type of assistance.  

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