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H.A.S. Inc. Residential Habilitation and Supported Living (ResHab/SL) provides supported living to adults with severe developmental disabilities and traumatic brain injuries. We provide 24-hour support services in accessible, community-based homes throughout the state of Idaho. Each setting is a single-family home shared by one to three people.

Across the state, there are several thousand adults with disabilities living at home with parents who are rapidly approaching a point where they will not be able to support their adult children. H.A.S. Inc.s 24-hour support services provide individuals, who might otherwise be confined to nursing homes and institutions, the opportunity to live independently and actively.

For many of our clients, being part of the ResHab/SL program is their first experience living outside of home or an institutional, congregate care facility. Our staff provide not only personal care and nursing services, but also support their desire to learn about and participate in their communities.

Meet the Team

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