Team Coordinator


  • TC’s new wage will be $1 an hour more than their wage prior to this promotion.
  • TC’s wage cap is 50 cents below the starting Regional Assistant wage for the respective region.
  • If the TC is demoted from this position, the $1 an hour wage increase will be removed while this individual no longer performs TC duties.


  1. Kordata medication checks are done every morning; The TC will notify the nurse of discrepancies.
  2. Review DSL each morning for missing information on Kordata, complete any missing data. Make sure behavior logs are completed on each shift. Text RA that Kordata is complete by 9:00 AM each day during the week.
  3. Responsible for oversight of medication count each shift and other medication responsibilities – medication check form is to be turned in to the nurse every Wednesday.
  4. Responsible for covering shifts when needed.
  5. Ensure you are in constant communication with both your RA and the employees working in your home.
  6. All monthly paperwork, narc count sheets, shift change sheets, participant DSL signature pages, chore charts, menus, TC checklist, etc. need to be turned in by the 5th of each month to the RA.
  7. Shift change sheet is to be completed every shift. Review daily and contact staff if not complete.
  8. TC will be on call for their house if RA is on PTO.


You will be responsible for on-site training for staff during your shift or at shift change.  This includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Train new staff in the home
  2. Computer use for Kordata.
  3. Charting on all programs in Kordata including travel logs, sleeping logs, short term alone time check out, night needs, DSL, behavior logs, etc.
  4. Proper documentation on chore charts, client finances (True Link Card), etc.
  5. Tracking of client spending and receipts – all purchases made with participant activity and allowance money must be accounted for with receipts each week.  Show staff where receipts need to be kept.
  6. Reminding staff of scheduled appointments and to be mindful of scheduled activities. Familiarize them with the calendar/activity schedule/white board.
  7. Address staff concerns when necessary and direct staff to contact the RA when applicable.
  8. Train new staff on participant binders and protocols. Make sure all staff are reading them.
  9. Ensure that staff follow emergency RA contact protocol.
  10. Informing non-med certified staff that there is a 2-hour window for medication administration and to contact RA if nobody shows up to complete med pass.
  11. Call the RA in case scheduled staff do not show up for their med pass on time.
  12. Submit training notices for employment related matters and write up suggestions to the RA and QIDP.
  13. When doing a training notice, train the staff on the issue and turn into RA. After RA reviews, it will be reviewed by the QIDP.

House Duties

  1. Make sure client/house binders are stocked with necessary forms.
  2. Notify RA of house needs such as: Fire extinguisher replacement, small house repairs, issues with the computer and internet, etc.
  3. Notify the RA of issues and minor behaviors caused by staff or of any other issues that aren’t addressed by the QIDP.  This helps us keep track of who needs trained and who needs written up.
  4. Inform the RA of any constructive suggestions as well as improvements that can be made to help the household run more smoothly, to make your job run more smoothly, and to keep staff and participants happy and thriving. Send issues/concerns to QIDP by the 2nd week of the month for the house meeting agenda.
  5. Create and assure a chore chart for the staff is being implemented and completed each shift.
  6. Create weekly menus and activities schedule. Ensure the scheduled meal/activity is communicated to the appropriate staff.

Participant Money

  1. Keep track of all receipts of client spending each week.
  2. Take participates grocery shopping, weekly (will also vary per household)
  3. Team coordinators will come to the office to pick up the client’s True Link Card and EBT cards for groceries from the office and return with receipts when finished.
  4. Grocery shopping must be done during a regularly scheduled shift. The RA will allow some flexibility if this occasionally proves difficult to accomplish. Contact the RA to make accommodations.
  5. Participant groceries include food as well as their own personal toiletries, cleaning supplies, and house needs that are regularly used by participants (I.e., light bulbs, dish soap, curtains, hand soap or hand sanitizer, etc.). Please keep participant grocery funds separate from each other when going shopping in groups.
  6. Assist participants in creating their own grocery lists.
  7. Clothing, shoes, and other personal items of that nature can be purchased with the client’s saved allowance. Any purchases over $20.00 need to be brought to the attention of the RA for approval and requested appropriately.
  8. TC will assist participants to budget for needs and wants.

Any other duties as assigned by the RA and/or QIDP.

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