Regional Assistant-In Office RA

The Regional Assistant duties include but are not limited to:

Must be available for on call 24/7


  • Review and ensure Kordata is accurately documented and completed from the previous day
  • Check Kordata against ADP daily


  • Hire new employees using HAS standards
  • Ensure the hire process has been completed entirely and correctly before scheduling

Medications/Out of Services OOS/DSL Audits:

  • Meds are destroyed and documented as such when not given.
  • Routinely check medication drawers
  • Track clients who are out of services (OOS) and report to billing every Monday

Shift Coverage:

Cover shifts as needed . If staff do not show up for scheduled shift, contact on-call staff to cover.


  • Address staff concerns immediately and direct staff to contact the QIDP or HR when applicable.
  • Direct new staff to participant binders and protocols. Make sure all staff is reading them.
  • Ensure that staff follows emergency contact protocol
  • Informing non-certified staff that there is a 2-hour window for medication administration and who to call (RA) in case scheduled staff do not show up for their med pass on time
  • Complete in-service training documentation for employees and submit to HR monthly
  • Address staff concerns Assure TC’s are completing their jobs satisfactorily
  • Ensure appropriate training is and has been given to employees
  • Schedule and lead the RA/TC meeting 1x/week

Client Behaviors:

  • Must answer all phone calls
  • Must respond to client behaviors when needed

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Weekly house checks to ensure homes are clean and employees are meeting expectations
  • Do quality assurance checks on the homes at least monthly and as needed. Turn in to QIDP by the 30th
  • Help with any tasks the QIDP or other Administrator assigns to you to help the houses you are over run efficiently.
  • Coordinate, oversee and attend doctor appointments and visits under direction of QIDP
  • Assist HAS nurse with cycle meds and med drawer checks in the homes

Assure all tasks below are completed by the TC:

  • Coordinate Participant schedules to maximize use of support staff
  • Make sure client and staff binders are stocked with necessary forms
  • Take inventory of house needs such as: Smoke detector batteries, fire extinguisher replacement, and small house repairs, issues with the tablet and Internet, and things of that nature
  • Resolve issues and minor behaviors caused by staff or of any other issues that aren’t addressed by the QIDP.
  • Issue training notices and verbal warnings as needed
  • Any constructive suggestions as well as improvements that can be made to help the households run more smoothly, to make your job run more smoothly, and to keep staff and participants happy and thriving

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