Financial Support

There are two types of support available to individuals who are either not able to live independently or cannot afford to do so. One type of assistance is financial, and the other type is support services. Often individuals with disabilities require both. H.A.S. Inc has professionals available to help assist in accessing these services, please call us at (208) 529-3342 or the contact form on this site for assistance!

Financial assistance is available in the form of Medicaid Special Assistance, Supplemental Security Income/Social Security Disability Income (SSI/SSDI), rental subsidies (Section 8), HUD housing, homeownership programs for people with disabilities, and tax credit properties. Please call us at (208) 529-3342 or the contact form on this site for assistance!

People with disabilities may also require support services to help maintain their homes and meet their daily personal care and safety needs. A broad continuum of support services is available depending on a person’s level of need. Support services range from a few hours per week to round the clock awake supervision.  Services can be provided in an individual’s home, family member’s home, an apartment or in a group living situation. 

H.A.S. Inc’s mission is to manage available resources in a manner that supports each person’s ability to live where and how they want as best they can. The residential service system is designed to offer informed choice and flexibility so that people may live successfully with the support appropriate to their level of need and according to their personal preferences. Please call us at (208) 529-3342 or the contact form on this site for assistance!

Developmental Disability or TBI Access

Services are funded by Medicaid (health insurance for people who are disabled and of limited financial resources), State/local/federal funds, (1915C Medicaid Waiver for those who meet “ICF” Level of Care) and/or Fee for Service (private pay).  

Publicly funded services may be available to individuals who have been screened and determined eligible based on the state definition of a developmental disability.  

Prior authorization from H.A.S. Inc is required for all publicly-funded Intellectual/ Developmental Disability services to enter our supports.